Asia Papercup Industry Sdn Bhd
Sampling Cups
APC 30, APC 50, APC 100 & APC 150
These days, the trend of providing free sampling has proven to be an effective way of promoting and introducing products directly to prospective buyers. The APC 30, APC 50, APC 100 & APC 150 sizes are suitable for ice-cream, yogurt or any hot or cold liquid sampling.

APC 80
Suitable for noodle, cereal or any hot gravy sampling. It also fits a single scoop of ice-cream or mash potato. We also supply mini plastic forks and spoons for sampling purposes.
Sauce Cups

The APC 30 and APC 80 cups can also be used as sauce cups. They come with food grade PET lids with high transparency for take-away or packing purposes.

All of the above sampling and sauce cups are available in plain. Custom designs are welcomed.
Sauce Cups